Final Project Proposal

  1. Overview

In this generation, most of the people use their devices including laptop or smart phone to play games rather than using it for education. Espicially kids, they only use their device to play games. Therefore kids wouldn’t learn anything from the game, they only make their eyes broken. For some kids maybe it will be boring to play games which adopts education. Therefore our team challenge ourself to make a fun game that could be played by students above grade 3/4. we’ve come up with the idea about teaching about body immune by using tower defence game. By combining tower defense and the concept of body immune system, not only the player have fun but they can learn how body immune system counters pathogen.

I. Goal

  • Create a game that can be enjoyed both as a game and educational media
  • Designs game sprites and UI that is friendly for every ages
  • Educate people about ‘how body immune system counters pathogen’ in the form of tower defence game

III. Team

  1. Felix
  2. Handy
  3. Alfi

IV. My Project

  1. setup the map
  2. Add the behaviour for all tower and enemy
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